Tasoulla (Anastasia) Christou - Composer

Music for the Concert Hall combining tradition with innovation

Some Recent Compositions

Skopos (2001)

For violin and piano

First performed 2001. 


Romance (2001)

For flute and piano

First performed 2001


Farewell (2003)

For string quartet

First performed 2003


Dialogues (2003)

For string quartet

First performed 2003


Tanz (2003)  

For solo flute

First performed 2003


Sacrifice (2003)                                                                                                                

For string ensemble and electronic instruments

First performed 2003


Norwegian Reflections (2005)

For solo piano

First performed 2005


Silver Moon, Silver Lake (2006)

For string quartet

First performed 2006


Dreams of May (2007)

For mezzo soprano and piano

First performed 2007


Kalamatianos  (2008)For solo violin

First performed November 2008.


Skopos II (2009)

For Flute and Piano


Imagined Ritual (2010)

For String Orchestra


Cherubic Hymn (2011)

For A Capella Choir

First performed October 2012


Hymn to Aphrodite (2012)

For Soprano, Flute and Piano

First performed October 2012

City Scenes (2014)

For Wind Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn and Bassoon) 

First performed July 2014

Agnus Dei (2015)

For Soprano and organ  

First performed June 2016