Tasoulla Christou - Composer

Music for the Concert Hall combining tradition with innovation

Musical Style

Tasoulla Christou composes music for the concert hall. Her musical style is eclectic, combining tradition and innovation. She believes in writing good melodies but often likes to combine them with dissonant passages. Like many contemporary composers, she has taken advantage of the contemporary practice of freedom in musical styles to develop her own style while drawing on a variety of musical influences from the past and the present.

While some of her works are in the post-romantic style or a combination of tradition and  modernism, many of her compositions have an originality which only conforms to her own principles and ideas on music.

Given her Greek background she has an interest in Greek Folk Music, and some of her compositions are based on Greek folk tunes (such as Kalamatianos for solo violin and  Skopos for violin and piano). She is also interested in world music - particularly Indian, Japanese and Chinese - and some of her compositions were inspired by things seen on her travels. For instance, Silver Moon, Silver Lake was inspired by a visit to Beijing. However, she has also found inspiration in literature (Dreams of May was a poem set to music) and art.

Often many of these different influences come together. When she composed Norwegian Reflections she drew inspiration from a journey to Norway, the paintings of Edvard Munch and Grieg's Piano Concerto. 

Tasoulla Christou has been described as having a gift for melody. Her compositions are proving very popular, in London and abroad,  with both performers  and audiences, who find her music very accessible. 

 In late 2009 she published Anthologia, a  CD of some of  her recent compositions. 

Look out for her new CD coming in 2022.